In general, for feedback,  more information, or for print, tile and special orders, use the CONTACT US form below.

  I realize that people prefer to buy artwork after seeing it in person, and that an image on a computer screen may be different from the artwork’s actual appearance. Although I have tried to make the images on my website match the actual artwork closely, they may appear different on your computer than they do on mine. Therefore, if any artwork bought on-line through PayPal is found to be unsatisfactory and is returned with a shipping date that is within 30 days of the date that FedEx claims it was delivered to you, you will receive a full refund and free return shipping. All prices include FedEx Ground shipping within the USA and New York  sales tax. Extra charges apply for Express and shipping outside the USA.

  Originals may be ordered on-line from this website using PayPal directly or through PayPal’s credit card service by clicking on the PayPal buttons.

  The sizes listed are what would be the approximate sizes within the mat when the item is framed. Matting and framing usually add 6 to 8 inches in each direction. Some of paintings have been in exhibits and are already framed; they will be shipped as such, but I have not added the cost of framing to their prices as the matting and framing may not be to your taste.

  Signed, museum-quality giclée prints on fine-art archival paper can be made of almost all of my artwork. They are made with high-end inks guaranteed to last for over 100 years. I personally supervise the printing to make certain of the quality of the reproduction.

  Prints may be made up to 44 inches wide and 120 inches long. Prices will depend on the size of the image and the margin surrounding it. Allow up to two weeks from the time you place your order to it’s arrival within the United States. The following are some sample prices (all sizes are in inches):

8 x 10                       8 x 10                     2                   $180
14 x 16                     8 x 10                     2                   $200
14 x 16                   14 x 16                     3                   $220
20 x 24                     8 x 10                     2                   $235
20 x 24                   20 x 24                     3                   $295

  Orders of multiple prints receive discounts.  For example, if ordering five 14 x 16 prints of a 14 x 16 original, the price would be $120 per print. 

  Square kiln-fired ceramic tiles are available in various sizes as shown below in inches. The tiles are highly durable: they cannot be scratched, and withstand temperature extremes, chemicals, ultraviolet radiation, or damage by wear – even on heavily trafficked floors. 

  Prices are as follows and include shipping within the continental United States and any sales taxes. Please contact me for shipping to other destinations. Allow up to three weeks for delivery within the United States.

SIZE          PRICE
4 x 4          $65
6 x 6          $85
8 x 8          $115
12 x 12      $260

Special orders for larger mosaics are welcome.

  I will gladly accept commissions for botanical, calligraphic and abstract paintings whether entirely new or based on works shown on my website. I will show you images of the work as it progresses to make sure I satisfy your objective.